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Solano Pharmacy is an independent community pharmacy specializing in individualized care

We dispense your prescriptions pursuant to your doctor's orders at affordable prices, accepting insurances and discount cards.We offer unit dose packaging for group homes, residential care and nursing homes.We are immunizers and provide immunizations. We incorporate preventive measures to maintain a healthy lifestyle offering blood pressure screening and blood sugar testing.

We carry a wide array of health products for your daily needs to heal or minimize your discomfort, providing a wellness center that will arm you with the information necessary to maintain and sustain a better quality of life.Our hours of operation are tailored to meet your needs and we offer the convenience of "curbside delivery" and home delivery.

While in the store, our other services are evident to save you time, convenience and gift store. We are here to cater to your health needs and also serve as a triage for you, referencing your need to other health care practitioners. Stop by and meet your Community Pharmacist Today

"Over 6 Years of Accomplishmentsā€¯

Solano Pharmacy opened its doors to the community on November 15, 2014. It is staffed with personnel with a long history of meeting and exceeding patient expectation. We continually review our work processes and streamline them for a quicker and positive patient outcome. We align our system and personnel to suit the dynamic healthcare system as it continually evolves.

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